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Software for Windows NT (tested under NT 4.0 SP3)
Last updated 17-Sep-1998
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SCSImark 4.10 (Win32 console) - Character-mode version of SCSImark
SCSImark 7.18 (Win32 windowed) - Adaptec ThreadMark and SCSIBench clone
SCSIcache 1.10 (Win32 console) - Measures cache read/write speed
SCSIcdgrab 1.20 (Win32 console) - Saves audio CD data to file
SCSIwizard 7.17 (Win32 windowed) - Adaptec SCSIExplorer clone
S.M.A.R.T.view 0.10 (Win32 console) - Shows S.M.A.R.T. values
NT DOS Sound 0.10 (NT USER mode driver) - Music in NT DOS box
SCSIpower 1.20 (Win32 console) - STARTs/STOPSs spindle on user-pointed device
AkDisk 1.20 (NT KERNEL mode driver) - Mounts file as a disk letter
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